My friend Engola Gay Miller of Altoona, Florida posted this corporate Word of the Lord. This is for you.  This is for America.  Reach out grab and appropriate it for yourselves.  I have appropriated it!!


I hear the Lord saying He is releasing the Honey Pots as we have worked on the honeycombs on the inside of our very being He is getting ready to pour out His honey pots! Also with the Queen Bee representing the Government of His Authority He has given us in this world.  My Kingdom come My will be done.  Can you hear the gathering of the Bees as the sound is being released.  They are about their Father's business and about to be revealed that many shall be healed and a sweet taste where there has been a bitter taste.  God said they shall taste and see that I am Good as I Am is lifted up!!  You will begin to see the pollination of My Body says the Lord and it will be a clean and purest of honey coming forth.  You could not see My handy work.  You were too busy but I did it any way that the Son of God may be glorified. I see our hearts as the Honey combs; our bellys as the Honey pots.  For My Glory I will cause the Honey to flow like the rivers of old says the Lord.  I am bringing the old and the New together and you will be as a head waters with sticking honey.  It will stick this time because I have heard your cry and did not miss it!! I have never left you My love for you is so sticky and gooey!!  And will bring healing to you.  A honey anointing of my golden glistening oil of Glory being released.  He has positioned us for this transition.  Take your position, get ready to be poured out that it will never stop.  You will never feel empty again.  The honey will nourish you as well as others says the Lord!  Luke 24:42 Jesus ate the Honeycomb!  Your Land is flowing with milk and Honey.  America will again be a sweet tast in the mouth of many!!! Thus says the Lord!

September 6, 2012 


I say nine months under your heart
You have prayed and shielded the precious seed
The seed of life waiting, waiting for its start
Yes nine months it's been 
Time now for the breaking forth
Wait I say wait
The breaking of the waters has come
The tight enclosure soon to be a wide and open place
Narrow is the passage 
Intense is the pain
I say My hand is upon you and
I say I shall usher in the newness of life
My dream
My vision
The seed I planted in you is breaking forth this day
Says your God.
September 26, 2011 and June 4, 2012